Supercross Round 8: Detroit, MI

   Eight rounds of Monster Energy AMA Supercross are now in the books, and this past weekend the TXS Productions team saw their second Triple Crown format of the year, as the series made it’s stop in the Motor City—Detroit, Michigan. 

     The Triple Crown format—a format of racing that Feld Motorsports introduced in 2018, where riders compete in three Main Events during the night, rather than the traditional heat race-lcq-main event style—produces extra challenges for privateer teams, but the TXS crew are tough and welcome the opportunity to adapt and hone their skills accordingly. One of the main challenges is that the number of riders who advance out of qualifying is reduced from 40 to just 18—with the remaining riders going to the LCQ. When both timed qualifying sessions were over; Cros (32nd), Wennerstrom (35th), and Pauli (40th) would find themselves lining up for the LCQ. 

Despite valiant efforts during the Last Chance Qualifier Cros, Wennerstrom, and Pauli would come up short of making it into the main events. Cros would finish 8th, Pauli—who had been struggling all day after a hard crash in practice—11th, and Wennerstrom—who suffered a crash as well—would end up 20th. 

     After a day that was less than ideal, the team packed up and headed home ready to spend the first full week riding at home since before the season began. The boys look forward to some rest, bike work, and are optimistic as the series makes its way to Atlanta, for round number nine. 

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TXS Productions