Supercross Round 3: Anaheim, CA

   Round 3 of the Monster Energy AMA World Supercross Championship headed back to Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California for the 2nd and final time in 2019. The "Triple Crown" racing format featured at this round is unique as the athletes would transfer from the day time qualifying directly to the main events in the evening program. Athletes would race not one, but three separate main events where all three finishes would be added together for the overall finish. 

    The last "Triple Crown" event of 2018 was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota where TXS' own Theodore Pauli would qualify directly to the main events and have his best result of the 2018 season. Some say this unique racing format does not favor the smaller teams but with experience and preparation, the 2019 TXS Race Team of Joan Cros, Theodore Pauli and Scotty Wennerstrom were ready to take on the challenge! 

   A steady week of rain in Southern California left many thinking that the race in Anaheim would have wet and muddy conditions, but the promoter and track crew did a fantastic job preparing the race course, giving the athletes optimum racing conditions. 

   During the the qualifying sessions Joan Cros would pilot his KX250F to 7th position in his group, just shy of a direct transfer spot. This would send him to the consolation race to compete for the final four transfer spots into the main events. In the consolation race, battles and crashes would litter the race course in every turn. As Cros would fight with the best for positions inside the top 10, a late race mistake would cost him several spots, ending his night.

   Moving up to the premier, 450SX class; Wennerstrom and Pauli were determined to better their performances from the weeks prior. The qualifying started off great for Wennerstrom while Pauli would struggle early on. When the timed qualifying sessions were complete Wennerstrom would finish a respected 3rd in his group. Pauli would regroup and drop his lap times an impressive 2.5 seconds between the two timed sessions, only one of two athletes to drop that much time in the entire field of 56 competitors.

   The 450SX consolation race came next and the pressure was on! With 22 top athletes racing into turn number one, something was bound to get interesting. As handle bars locked, the athletes and bikes hit the dirt. When the dust settled, there would be three athletes picking themselves up from the Angel Stadium floor, Pauli being one of them. Never discouraged, Pauli would put his head down and charge through the pack passing athletes all over the course and when the checkered flag flew he would cross the finish line in the 10th position.

   Back in the pits, the "Fan Fest" had just begun! As tens of thousands of fans roamed the pits, the TXS team would have one of the most entertaining and interactive set ups throughout the pits. Fans would enjoy music, demo products, win prizes, collect autographs, stickers, and discount cards, all while meeting all members of the team. 

     Next week, the championship heads North to the Bay Area, where the Oakland Coliseum will host Round 4. If you are in attendance please stop by to say hi to the team! 

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